Thursday, October 27, 2016

Taoist texts can hep us deepen our understanding in Chinese culture. Through Taoist texts we estimate that China was only ruled by 1 emperor.

Friday, October 7, 2016


January thirty, 1933, The Holocaust started. If you don't know what the holocaust is here's a short summary. German Nazis had one main goal, to kill as many Jews as possible. This was lead by Hitler.  In total they killed 6000000 Jews and millions of non Jews. That's a big number that was caused by one person. So a lot of thoughts came up to many Jews. Why did God let this happen?Well I believe it was yet another test. As I've mentioned in other posts. God felt insecure of himself so he thought. I need a way for man to prove that they worship me. So he sends out a war. Killing many Jewish people. Family members would have to pray to prove worthy to God. But unlike in other test God has givin (Adam And Eve, Noah's Arc, Yosef And Abraham, The Tower Of Babel). This time, was it too far? Many Jews started to question God on why he did this, and why he didn't stop it when it went too far. according to the article holocaust Survivors: The Search Of Faith. Mr Menechem Daum. Told of his fathers thinking. "A God who limits Himself to actions we humans can understand can't possibly be God"  this means that God is not powerful enough to do things that humans can't comprehend.  He also talked about his mom. Before his mom died she told him. When I come face to face to God I will ask him why he stood quietly during the holocaust.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Book Of Job Similarities

The book of Job is very similar to many parts of Genesis. Such as the creation in Genesis 1-3, in Noah's ark, and in the story of Abraham and Yosef. They all have a similar story. God who is insecure about himself wants to know if humans he made worshipped him. Even though he is God and knows all. So he then usually continues by giving a human a task to see if they worship him. But the task isn't simply pray to me for 5 years. No, it's some ridiculous task, like to kill you own son. Or to not eat from, a tree even though humans can't resist temptations. Although this part is not carried out in Noah's Ark, there are other traits in it that connect to the book of Job. In all of these parts of Genesis God gets mad, and then  makes some overkill punishment for doing something he knew was gonna happen. In Adam and Eve, he knows Eve will eat from the tree because God specifically tells them not to eat from the tree because it grants wisdom. Who wouldn't be tempted by something so powerful in the reach of your hands. He then goes on by punishing all of mankind by making humans feel pain. In Noah's Ark, people are being loud, well he created man didn't he? So why can't he just make them be quiet. Instead he makes a huge flood destroying everyone but  one person, Noah. In the story of Abraham and  Yosef he makes Abraham kill his own son, because he is insecure and wants to see there loyalty. . Why didn't he just make man to always worship him. Overall a lot of parts in Genesis follow a format kind of like Hero's Journey. First there's a problem, then God makes a huge task to fix the problem. Then he gets mad and makes a huge deal out of everything and makes a huge punishment.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Genesis Thoughts

Today  class we made a chart on quotes from God in Genesis . In my chart I mainly did the quotes on gods dialogue.  Our total goal was to find characterizations for God.  When I made the chart I used this cool app called simplemind+ . It allowed me to easily make a flow chart with different colors as seen in the picture above. In this assignment I learned above gods characterizations, sometimes gods angry, upset, and sometimes he is carrying and understanding . This interests me because usually in story's a character has a lot of similar traits, like kind and enthusiastic. But God has different traits throughout Genesis. I really like the characterization of God, I'm not sure why most characters don't have extremely different traits. As I was reading Genesis I really didn't focus that much on it like most books, in my opinion it doesn't use extremely complex sentences so it's not a hard read but it's not easy either. I always liked the story of Genesis, I find it fascinating. One of the concepts I really thought hard about is that it all started about 2000 years ago. But did it really? Day 1 was only 1 day long, but was it. Day 1 God created the earth and the heavens, then he created light. After he created light he decided he needed to add darkness. Wait a minute. How is a day defined? A cycle where the sun rises falls and rises again. So there was really no sense of time when God created light. It could have been billions of years, it could have been a thousand years. Until he created darkness. Which finally defined 1 day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Comparing flood myths

Flood stories have been around since the epic of Gilgamesh the first flood story. The Epic of Gilgamesh told a tale of the gods getting angry at mortals for being to loud and killing all of them. But one man foretold about the flood  made a  boat with 2 of every animal. In the legend of Deucalion the world was flooded as well. But in this legend, they  build a chest. Only  Deucalion and his wife survived in the chest. Others climbed the highest mountain in order to survive the flood


First Post!

Hey I'm Ariel.On my blog page I'm going to be posting English assignments. I will be posting blogs every so often. I'm from New York and in high school. I'm 14 years old. I like math and science. I like to play sports. Basketball is probably my favorite sport. My favorite color is green.