Friday, October 7, 2016


January thirty, 1933, The Holocaust started. If you don't know what the holocaust is here's a short summary. German Nazis had one main goal, to kill as many Jews as possible. This was lead by Hitler.  In total they killed 6000000 Jews and millions of non Jews. That's a big number that was caused by one person. So a lot of thoughts came up to many Jews. Why did God let this happen?Well I believe it was yet another test. As I've mentioned in other posts. God felt insecure of himself so he thought. I need a way for man to prove that they worship me. So he sends out a war. Killing many Jewish people. Family members would have to pray to prove worthy to God. But unlike in other test God has givin (Adam And Eve, Noah's Arc, Yosef And Abraham, The Tower Of Babel). This time, was it too far? Many Jews started to question God on why he did this, and why he didn't stop it when it went too far. according to the article holocaust Survivors: The Search Of Faith. Mr Menechem Daum. Told of his fathers thinking. "A God who limits Himself to actions we humans can understand can't possibly be God"  this means that God is not powerful enough to do things that humans can't comprehend.  He also talked about his mom. Before his mom died she told him. When I come face to face to God I will ask him why he stood quietly during the holocaust.

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