Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Genesis Thoughts

Today  class we made a chart on quotes from God in Genesis . In my chart I mainly did the quotes on gods dialogue.  Our total goal was to find characterizations for God.  When I made the chart I used this cool app called simplemind+ . It allowed me to easily make a flow chart with different colors as seen in the picture above. In this assignment I learned above gods characterizations, sometimes gods angry, upset, and sometimes he is carrying and understanding . This interests me because usually in story's a character has a lot of similar traits, like kind and enthusiastic. But God has different traits throughout Genesis. I really like the characterization of God, I'm not sure why most characters don't have extremely different traits. As I was reading Genesis I really didn't focus that much on it like most books, in my opinion it doesn't use extremely complex sentences so it's not a hard read but it's not easy either. I always liked the story of Genesis, I find it fascinating. One of the concepts I really thought hard about is that it all started about 2000 years ago. But did it really? Day 1 was only 1 day long, but was it. Day 1 God created the earth and the heavens, then he created light. After he created light he decided he needed to add darkness. Wait a minute. How is a day defined? A cycle where the sun rises falls and rises again. So there was really no sense of time when God created light. It could have been billions of years, it could have been a thousand years. Until he created darkness. Which finally defined 1 day.

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